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Animation -Vidiography - Writing - Crewing and Contracting - Consulting - Production - Editing - Commercials - Casting - Remote Trucks - Lighting - Staging - Large PA Systems - Webcasting - TV Projection - Special FX - Live Direction

Over 250 corporate training, promotional, and image videos produced!

More than 1000 hours of Live Television Directed

100+ Documentaries

Custom Videography - High Speed -Slow Speed - Industrial - Macro - Aerial

Scores of 3D Animstions Produced

Dozens of Nationwide Major (50 cities+) Live Interactive Video Teleconferences

including one of the largest most complex worldwide live video teleconferences in history

Our Clients range from local businesses to major corporations such as Ericsson, Westvaco Babcock & Wilcox, Goodyear, ABC Good Morning America , The Timothy Group, Victory Communications International, CBN, MTV, Concerned Women for America, Baptist International Missions, Inc. The Bible League and more. No matter how large or small your project might be, we consider it as important to us as it is to you. Allow us to be your partner in success!

Feel free to send comments. Bruce Braun and Creative Teleproductions, Inc. can be reached at:
Tel. Office 434-239-3752 FAX 434-237-5199 or cti@brauns.net
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